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Keep Your Fruits & Vegetables Fresher, Longer

VegieFresh increases the shelf life of your fruits and vegies by as much as 50%. The average family wastes $2,500 annually on spoiled produce, but we’re here to change that.

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About the Product

How Does
VegieFresh Work?

Increase Produce Shelf Life

Increases produce shelf life by up to 50% by absorbing ethylene gas. Just open the package and put it in your fridge.

Natural Ingredients

Our product is made from 100% natural Zeolite mineral mix which is recyclable in the form of fertilizer for your lawn or plants.

Long Lasting

Our package of mineral mix lasts up to one month in your fridge at which time you can recycle the minerals.

Eat Healthier

Vegiefresh allows you to feed yourself and your family a healthier diet with more, fresher, fruits and vegetables.

Good for the Planet

When food rots, it releases methane, which is 20x more damaging to the environment than CO2.

Save on Groceries

Vegiefresh can reduce your fresh food waste drastically which means less grocery shopping.

Be Part of the Solution

Subscribe For Fresher Produce

Give yourself the gift of fresh food and savings with VegieFresh. Packets delivered every 30 days.

Why Choose Us

Our Guarantee

VegieFresh will increase the shelf-life of your fruits and vegetables by up to 50%, allowing you to feed yourself and your family a healthier diet. We guarantee that you will stop throwing away produce which has spoiled too soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Open the packaging of all your fruits and vegetables so they can breathe. When they remain bagged they are trapped in Ethylene gasses, thus expediting spoilage.

Step 2: Make sure to open the slide on your crisper to maximum opening to allow the Ethylene gasses better circulation through the fridge.

Step 3: Open your VegieFresh package and place it in your refrigerator. Each package contains enough Zeolite Minerals to keep your produce fresher up to 50% longer for 30 days.

Orders will ship via USPS within 2 business days of date of purchase. (Monday-Friday) Please allow up to 7-10 business days for arrival. If you have any problems please contact us at [email protected].

You will be billed every 30 days after your original order.  Your new supply of VegieFresh will be shipped to you every 30 days after your original order as well.


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