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    Stop wasting food and start saving money with VegieFresh
    How to keep fruit fresh
    VegieFresh absorbs ethylene gas making your fruit and vegetables last up to 50% longer
    VegieFresh and food waste in recent news

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    Keep your fruit and vegetables fresh longer with VegieFresh

    Stop throwing away your hard earned money on produce that seems to spoil just days after you buy it! The New York Times estimates Americans waste an astounding 27% of the food each year to spoilage. That translates into almost $2,300 annually per family... and fruits and vegetables account for the majority of the losses.

    How to keep produce fresh?

    Introducing VegieFresh... a money saving solution that help you keep fruit fresh and keep vegetables fresh up to 50% longer! One bad apple spoils the bunch isn't just a cliche... it's a fact! As fruit and vegetables ripen they emit ethylene gas. This ethylene gas not only causes your fruits and vegetables to ripen faster it also accelerates the spoilage of other produce in your refrigerator.

    How to keep bananas fresh?

    VegieFresh protects your fruits and vegetables using a 100% natural mineral mix containing zeolites, the world’s only mineral with a naturally occurring negative charge, that locks and holds positive ions, absorbing contaminants that lead to spoilage.

    VegieFresh is easy to use

    Just remove VegieFresh from the packaging, mark the month and day, and place in your crisper. VegieFresh keeps your produce fresh and delicious for up to 3 months.

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    Order VegieFresh today for just $14.95 and we’ll ship your order absolutely FREE! That’s up to three months of fresh fruit and vegetables with VegieFresh. Stop wasting food and keep fruit fresh with VegieFresh.