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about us

About Us

Our Origin Story

Where We Started

VegieFresh was developed by Steve Gerson in the early 2000’s as a method to enhance the shelf life of food. Steve was the Coach of the 1997 Gold Medal British Virgin Islands Culinary Team and author of “Contemporary Caribbean Cuisine” and was the Chef of his own award winning restaurant, as well as Food & Beverage Director for a number of exclusive Caribbean Resorts, and Consultant to properties throughout the Caribbean. While food safety and food freshness is important worldwide, the unique challenges faced by isolated island resorts inspired Steve to the development of VegieFresh.

Steve Gerson
Founder starts sustainability journey
Steve Gerson, Coach wins Gold Medal British Virgin Islands Culinary Team medal which begins his journey into food sustanability.
VegieFresh gains first client
VegieFresh gains its first single commercial client, starting the success of the company.
Vegiefresh awarded as innovative product
VegieFresh wins awards for its commercial division in the US.
VegieFresh expands to consumers
VegieFresh expands to retail locations for cosumers across the US and expands to Mexico and Canada.
Solving the Problem of Food Waste

What is the Best Thing to Keep Vegies Fresh?

So, what is the best thing to keep your vegies fresher longer? The answer lies in the power of zeolites. VegieFresh harnesses the incredible properties of zeolites, a naturally occurring mineral known for their moisture control and gas absorption capabilities. Here’s why VegieFresh stands out as the ultimate solution versus the competition:

Unparalleled effectiveness: VegieFresh has been scientifically developed and proven successful for over a decade of real world use. Our proprietary formulation utilizes zeolites to increase the shelf life of your vegetables by up to 50%. Experience the benefits first hand with crisp, flavorful vegies that stay fresher for longer!

Natural freshness preservation: Unlike genetically engineered alternatives or costly modified atmospheric packaging, VegieFresh keeps your vegetables fresh using a natural approach. We believe in preserving the integrity of your food without compromising its quality or resorting to artificial means.

Cost-effective and sustainable: VegieFresh not only keeps your vegetables fresh but also helps you save money along the way. By extending the shelf life of your produce, you reduce food waste and maximize your grocery budget. Our commitment to sustainability means that you’re making a responsible choice for both your wallet and the environment.

Easy to use, versatile solution: VegieFresh seamlessly integrates into your kitchen routine. Simply place our specially designed packs in your vegetable storage containers or refrigerator drawers. Let the power of zeolites work its magic while you enjoy the convenience of extended freshness effortlessly.
By incorporating zeolites VegieFresh can extend the shelf life of food naturally to help regulate moisture levels, absorb ethylene gas, and reduce the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to food spoilage. This provides a cost-effective method for consumers to reduce waste and preserve food quality for their households.

Meet the Team

About Us

The team behind VegieFresh is composed of dedicated individuals who bring together a wealth of expertise and passion for food preservation and sustainability. The team is fueled by founder Steve Gerson’s original mission and driven by a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the food service sector. Through their unwavering commitment to innovation and environmental consciousness, the team has successfully developed a game-changing solution that offers a 100% natural, green, and passive approach to food freshness. With their combined expertise and shared mission, the VegieFresh team is dedicated to transforming the way we preserve and enjoy fresh produce, ensuring a sustainable and greener future for all.


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Be Part of the Solution

Our Mission Statement

Simply put, we strive to create a network of partners and have a positive impact on their lives by supplying a product that has a positive impact on the planet.

We consider our household customers, our commercial clients, and our distributors to be our partners in this endeavor and our goal is to help them keep food fresher longer, to reduce food waste, and save money with a 100% natural, 100% green, 100% passive, 100% recyclable to the planet, zero footprint product.

VegieFresh is a product that we are proud to manufacture, represent, and to be able to offer to those who understand that saving money and saving energy, while helping to save the planet is as good as it gets!

Recognition for Innovation

Awards and Honors

At VegieFresh, we are proud to be at the forefront of eco-friendly innovation and helping to address social and environmental challenges. Our dedication to creating a sustainable solution has been recognized and celebrated through numerous prestigious awards. We are honored to share with you some of the accolades that highlight our commitment to revolutionizing the way we preserve food and care for our planet.

2011 – EcoVisionary Awards “Environmental Leadership in Business”
2013 – Virginia Green Award “Green Travel Star, Green Supplier of the Year”
2015 – SCORE Miami Award “SCORE MLB: Innovation of the Year”

Choose VegieFresh and say goodbye to wilted, spoiled vegetables. Elevate your culinary experiences, reduce food waste, and savor the natural goodness of fresh produce with confidence. Embrace the natural solution that so many of our satisfied customers have trusted for long-lasting freshness.

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