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    Each pack of VegieFresh lasts for 3 Months!

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    Stop wasting food and start saving money with VegieFresh

    Would you spend $15 to save $150 over three months? VegieFresh can save you this and much more! Increase the life of your produce by up to 50% and stop throwing away your money each month.

    Be Part of the Solution

    Fruits and vegetables emit ethylene gas. Ethylene gas accelerates the spoilage of other fruits and vegetables. VegieFresh, our 100% natural mineral mix, absorbs this ethylene gas which extends the life of your fruits and vegetables.

    Good for the Planet and Great for Your Wallet!

    Help us heal our planet!

    Fact: VegieFresh will not only save you money, it helps save the planet. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a family of four throws away an average of $1,500 per year in food. When food rots, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says is 20 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide (CO2) and which traps 23 times as much heat in the atmosphere as the same amount of CO2. And landfills are the place you will find the most of it... they account for 34% of all methane emissions in the US. Use VegieFresh and together we can stop some of this food waste from ever getting to our landfills and polluting our air!

    Be part of the solution...Not the problem!

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