VegieFresh - Retail Direct Ship Program


    Retail Direct Program

    Earn extra revenue with VegieFresh!

    Would your company benefit by offering a 100% Green, 100% Sustainable, Zero Carbon Foot Print Product that actually promotes healthier eating habits?? Imagine earning a residual income without having to carry inventory, accounting, shipping, collections, customer’s telephone calls….

    • Promote healthy eating habits
    • Promote environmental awareness
    • Buyers save over 10 times what they pay for the product

    How It Works

    If your company is approved you will be able to promote Vegie Fresh through Banners on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Brochures, etc. When someone clicks on the banner on your site they will be redirected to the Vegie Fresh Homepage. If they buy Vegie Fresh, we will process and ship the order within 72 hours. You will get credit for driving the customer to our site and you will receive your commission. You will be able to track your activities by logging in with your username and password. For more information on how this program works please contact us before applying to become a partner.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    #1 FAQ How is this residual income?

    Vegie Fresh will last the customer approximately 90 days before it needs to be replaced. After we ship the original order we follow up with an email every 75-80 days to remind them to order more…. Still your customer… Still your $$$$$

    #2 FAQ… What if I decide I want to sell directly to my customers and no longer want to participate in the Direct Program?

    NO PROBLEM!!! You have access to all of your customers ordering information so you can order inventory from us and sell it yourself.